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Trader Skill part 1

Trader level part 1

If you are not very familiar with trader levels and outposts, I recommend reading this section before going to part two “strategies and math.” It will help you get an understanding on how they work, why they are important, and how I came up with the formulas used in part two.

For those more experienced players who are just looking for the bare bones information to go about formulating strategies, you can skip this and go to step 2.

You are going to find that the importance of your trader level will very over time as you rise in level.

Most lower level players generally seem to ignore it as they are too busy leveling up with missions, or are saving up to join a stronghold and don’t want to sink the resources into outposts.

Note: I’m not knocking this strategy for saving up to join a safe house. It’s one of the suggestions in the FEMA saving guide. It does however, mean that in many cases the trader skill will be one of those skills you will need to work on.

Later, usually in the 15 to 25 level area, you begin to realize cash is not usually that hard to get. You are however, constantly in need of supplies.

Supplies are needed for upgrading weapons and armor (needed for both better hunting and dueling). Also many special missions will leave you scrambling for health packs.

While scavenging will get some supplies, it’s not enough. Plus it uses energy.

This is where you will find that you really want the most out of your outposts.

Now, lets start with how you level up your trader skill. You get 1 skill point for each time you collect from one of your outposts. Therefore the more outposts you collect from, the more skill points you get and the faster you level. If you use a courier you will double the amount of trader XP you get vs collecting them manually, but of course it costs credits to use a courier. Therefore it’s your call if its worth it or not.

This makes trader skill unique in two ways. First you don’t need to use energy or stamina. Second, because of this, you don’t have to chose between this skill and another. I.e do I use my stamina to heal or duel.

Creating Outposts:
When you investigate a place, one of the options you will find at the bottom of your screen is build outpost. If you hit this, a screen will appear with the types of outposts you can build at your current level. Each type either takes cash to build and will produce supplies, or take supples and produce cash for you.

The more expensive the outpost, the higher the amount produced, and the longer it takes to produce.

Limits and penalties:
Like all skills your trader skill level is limited to you overall level and you should keep it as close as possible.

You can have 3 times the number of outposts as your current trader level. However, if you exceed your current trader level, you get a penalty. Hence of your trader level is 10, you can have up to 30 outposts. However, you start getting penalized on the amount you collect from each if you have more than 10. The further you go over 10, the higher the penalty.

You also can get penalties at the time you collect if the outposts are too far away from your current location. Again the further away the bigger the penalty.

Note: with the release of vehicles the distance penalty has mostly become a non issue.

Finally you can get penalized if you collect too long after the time your outpost becomes available for collection.

How many outposts should I have? As stated earlier, you can have up to 3 times your trader level in outposts, but you get a penalty if the number exceeds you current trader level.

I’ve had a number of individuals give me what they have worked out as the penalty formula. However, when applied, I generally found they were not entirely accurate.

Therefore with the help of many house members I gathered a lot of data, plugged it into a chart, and worked out the max outpost ratio is actually 2.5 your trader level.

Note: this assumes you have all one type of outpost.

Now if your sole concern is getting the max number of supplies. Then all you have to do is buy 2.5 times your trader level of the biggest outpost type you can.

However, until you reach around level 40, you generally also need to worry about trying to increase the number of collections you make so that you can keep your trader skill up to pace with your overall level.

Again for levels say 15 to around 40 it is generally important to be getting as much as you can out of your outposts so you can keep all your weapons and armor upgraded.

However after level 40, many players have commented that the outpost system is, well broken is the most polite way to say it. Generally, many feel the cost of upgrading equipment is so high that while the outposts are a helpful supplement, the effort of keeping the trader level current with overall level is not worth it.

One last consideration is the time you can devote to the game. Some of us have easy access to wi-fi and the ability to take a break anytime (for the short time it takes to collect outposts anyhow) and can take advantage of three hour outposts. Others may only be able to sign on a couple of times a day.

Ok. Now that I’ve taken all this time, you are still wanting to know the best strategy for you. Unfortunately there are too many variables to give a definitive answer, the best I can do is to describe the most common successful strategies which will be followed by a formula chart, that you can use as a starting point to formulate your best strategy for you.

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