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Stim shots


The opinions on whether or not the purchase the of stim shots is worth it or not varies quite a bit, so I’m not going to give any advice on that topic other than don’t pay full price. Algiers Point has assembled a good guide on sales that come up repeatedly (link below).

There are however, still several considerations you need to take into account when deciding when to use the stim shot you’ve bought or otherwise received.

First, stim shots only last Two hours. Therefore, before using one, you want to make sure you’ll have two uninterrupted hours to play in order to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Second you will need to make sure you have any related items or help lined up. For example, if you have a duel stim, you will want to time how long it takes you to go through your stamina by dueling. Divide that into 120 min to get the min number of stamina pills you want to have. You will also want to have all your health packs, and it’s a good idea to get with a couple of people to help heal you.

Some similar considerations:

Scavenger stim, do you have enough energy drinks?

Hunt stim, same as duel

Healer stim, do you have enough pills.

Trying to coordinate with bonus days.

Most stims can be made even more valuable by using them on days where you are also being given a daily bonus.

The only duel stim I had I was fortunate enough to also have a kill em all day x2 skill bonus for dueling come up. This gave me 4 points for each favorable or even duel, and 8 if I won against a tough.

The one exception I’ve personally found is the healer stim. Generally if there is a healing bonus there is usually a lack of injured individuals on my heal list to make using the stim worth while.

Others have found that the combined bonus of 4 per heal makes up for the periods while waiting for someone to get injured.

The difference may be due to the number of friends I have 120 verses others who have 400+

For heal stims I usually suggest waiting for a large hoard. This usually will present enough people who need healing for a long enough time to make it worth it.

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