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Missions w/o leveling

Missions w/o leveling.

You’ve been working hard to get your skill levels raised so they match your overall level, and here comes another Limited Time Mission with a cool title and an even cooler weapon.

It used to be that you had to chose between passing on the mission or going up two or three levels, which put you that much farther behind on catching up your skill levels.

Not to mention all the energy drinks you have to consume to complete the mission.

This is because the special zombies you need to kill are normally on the assault level hunts. This means that you have to use 3x your player level in energy per hunt, and if successful you will get a large amount of exp points.

You can however, with a little patience, cut down on both the energy costs and the player experience points you earn.

You do this by going to the types of areas that the special zombies exist and using training hunts to reduce the number of zombies in the area to one.

At that point, if the zombie in the assault level hunt is one of the special types you need, you will find the energy cost is usually between 1/2 and 1/3 what it normally is.

Additionally, the amount of experience points you get are also greatly reduced.

You may need to do this to a couple of areas before the last zombie is a special zombie. Also, if the last zombie is not the special type you need, you can kill it off in training mode. Go to another location and try there, then come back after a while. Usually it has regenerated a couple of zombies and you can try again.

The only down side to this strategy is that training hunts do not provide as much $ as regular hunts and you often need to pay more for repairs than you got from the hunts.

If you’ve reached that level of the game where you are accumulating tens of thousands of $ and don’t know what to do with it (around level 35) or have a ton of $ producing outposts. This is not a problem.

Otherwise you will need to occasionally do a couple of normal hunts to generate the revenue you need to repair your weapons, or go farm some favorables for the cash.

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