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Duel Skill (updated 11/19/12)

Why worry?
A player can only duel someone 5 levels away from their overall level. Hence if you have a low duel score compared to most people in that group. You are hanging a big fat target on yourself.

What to do about it
The most immediate thing you can do is buy all the weapons and armor available. You will note each has a duel score, and everything else being equal, if he has all the toys and you don’t his score will be higher.

As you can, you should level each weapon to its max. The increase in duel score is not much for each weapon/level but cumulatively it adds up to quite a bit.

Most time consuming but probably most important is duel, duel, duel. The only way to raise your duel skill level is to duel, and your duel level is a major factor in your duel score.

How you do this is a matter of personal preference, and I’ve listed the two most popular strategies below. Regardless as to which method you choose if you are working on leveling up your dueling score you will need to ease up on hunting since that will raise your overall level and the goal is to keep your skill levels near your overall level. Also you may find yourself starting with one and switching over to the other as the situation changes.

Method 1, duel toughs:
Preferred method for people whose major concern is needing to level duel as quickly as possible. I did this when I first joined FEMA since I had a overall level of 20 and a duel level of 1.

Concept: you only get +1 to duel skill when you duel evens and favorables (win or lose) but you get +2 when if you win against a tough. Hence if you battle a lot of toughs you will level more quickly with the occasional 2s you will get (this effect is of course multiplied when combined with duel stims and/or duel XP bonus days)

Down side. Your going to lose most duels so you should not keep any cash or supplies on hand because you will lose more than you will win. You can either donate to safe house or buy cheep outposts to work on your trader skill. Also for some people who like to be on the leader boards. Your win loss rate will suffer quite a bit.

Method 2,hit favorables:
Slow and steady wins the race. Also much more profitable. I use this more often now that I’m closer to my overall level since there are much fewer toughs out there.

Concept: may as well make some money while I’m doing this, and my win ratio will be awesome.
While you do level a little slower than with method 1, your still getting 1 for every duel. Can be particularly useful if you scavenge, build up some supplies and then go dueling.
You can then use your supplies to level up weapons, buy bars, or buy more expensive outposts.

With the introduction of double duel XP days, a new strategy has begun to emerge, In House Dueling.

While popular on double duel days (especially if you also have a duel stim) you can actually do this at any time.

For this to work you need to find another person in the house that is also wanting to work on dueling skills.

You both get a adequate number of stamina pills and then drop each other from your friend lists.

You then both go to the duel screen and search for the other house member and fight them.

You can then both take advantage of the retaliate and brawl notifications to attack again without needing to wait the normal 5 min.

Just keep attacking each other as quickly as possible by hitting the retaliate or the brawl notifications that appear depending on whether he won or lost on his attack.

When done just add each other as friends again.

Some big advantages are:

1) You get the Max number of duels you can if either or both of you are using stims.

2) The cash and supplies stay in house. If the two of you are fairly equal then you should come out fairly equal in the duels and any net gain or loss should be minimal.

3) While this works with just two, there is no reason that 3 or more persons could not take advantage of this. Also it can be helpful if it is arraigned on sh chat so that if one or more persons who need to work on healing can take advantage by keeping you all healthy.

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