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By now you have already figured out there really is no free lunch.

While you can down load the game and play for free. Once you get addicted (and if you are reading this it’s already too late) you are going to want credits.

Credits allow you to buy energy drinks, stamina pills, stim shots, as well as some premium weapons and vehicles which can only be gotten with credits.

At this point you have two choices.

First if you have zero patience, and a bunch of cash, you can just buy credits.

Just go to the black market. Hit the buy credits button next to your current amount of credits and select the amount you want to spend.

For those with a little more patience, PSC usually runs various sales on credits, and if you wait a little bit you can get some good bargains.

Algiers Point has a really great breakdown on its site (see link below), but for most people the best deal is the 220 credits for $4.99.

Their page also gives good stats on common sales for drinks, pills, and stims.

Now for choice two.

While it does take some patience and a little effort, you can get all the credits you need without spending a dime.

Right off the bat, you get free credits every consecutive day you sign on the game. The more convective days the bigger the bounus. After 50 days it tops out at 5 credits, but hey it’s five free credits just to sign on.

Next, directly above the buy credits button is the earn free credits button.

Here you will find three more ways you can earn free credits.

For these ways to get free credits, I strongly suggest going to yahoo. Hotmail, or some other site and setting up a free email. Then using that email to set up a bogus Facebook account. You will see why as you read on.


From the main screen go to profile, then PSC Settings, and scroll down to Facebook login. Login with the fake Facebook account you set up.

Then, as you play the game, you will find in various places a box in that has the Facebook symbol along with the word share.

By hitting this it will post different things to your fake Facebook page.

In exchange you get one credit.

You can do this five times per day.

Each item in the black market has this. So, if nothing else, you can login go to the black market pick five items to post to your fake Facebook page and earn 10 credits per day.


Yes even in a world filled with zombies, we have commercials.

There are two advertisement buttons on the free credits page. The first is by Flurry. It usually has 5 to 10 ads for various game apps. After you watch them, it will ask if you want to down load for free. Don’t do it. After you watch all the ads it will then give you some offers to download some free game or other apps. Often these are the same ones in the ads. For each one you down load you are given 5 credits. There are usually 4 so that’s another 20 credits.

The second is run by adcolony. It has various ads, but is inconsistent as to when they are available. I check them out and watch the ads when they have them, but don’t rely on them.

Note: some members have given feedback that they generally have the opposite luck with these. With ad colony having several each day and not getting any ads on Flurry. Simply watch ( or at least run) all the ads you can.

Strategy suggestion: if you got a desk job like I do, you can easily sign on go to the ads hit one and let it run while you work. Hit ok to get your credit and repeat.


One of the best ways to get credits is to make use of Tapjoy.

There are two ways to get to Tapjoy.

To try and be clear, I will refer to them as Tapjoy1 and Tapjoy2.

Both are the same company and both simply say Tapjoy. The number added is just for the sake of this article.

Tapjoy1 is located on the earn free credits screen, and is located just below the adcolony button.

If you press this you will open a screen with several offers for which you can receive credits. Some cost $ but most are free trials.

Beware they will eventually cost if you continue to use the service. I.e there is a free trial for Netflix that if you sign up for will get you 115 credits. After the 30days you will pay to continue using it.


First “sign up for tapjoy” through the tapjoy link in black market and allow it to install a profile on your phone.

The profile is what reads what you download for credits. It’s invisible though so to have easy access like an app you can open the tapjoy screen in safari then click the middle button on the bottom of the safari window and click “add to home screen”.

It will look like an app but will simply be a bookmark to bring you to that page easily, just like an app would.

Also every day you can click on the tapjoy button in the black market and the top offer will be a link to “tapjoy2”. Therefore you can earn one credit every day just by clicking that link even of you don’t download anything.

Either way When you go to Tapjoy2, it will check your device to see which apps it has contracts with. You then select please stay calm, and it will give you a list of apps you can download in exchange for credits.

Most are free, but a few cost money. Normally you only need to download the app, run it for a few minutes, and then the next time you log on to psc you will be awarded your credits. You can then delete any of them you don’t want to keep.

Occasionally you must give the app a email account or sign in thru Facebook which is another good reason to get a fake email and Facebook ID.

Strategy suggestion: I usually hold off down loading the games offered on flurry until I’m ready for bed. I’ll go on and down load the 4 or 5 that are offered. While these are down loading I’ll go on Tapjoy2 and select the 4 highest credit game apps to download. I then go to sleep while the apps finish loading. In the morning, I’ll run each app for a couple of minutes and then sign on psc to get my bonuses. Then I delete all the ones that I don’t want to keep (which is usually all of them).

By simply simply signing in every day, doing five shares, running ads, and downloading 8 free games You can get a minimum of 50 free credits per day.

This means you can get 1500 free credits per month.

Depending on sales that can translate into 100 energy drinks per month, or 200 stamina pills each month.

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